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DeepTutor - Promoting Deep Learning

DeepTutor Online demo

DeepTutor is a fully online service accessible from browser. We also have developed an Android application for better user experience in smaller devices. The demo tasks include some problems from Newtonian Physics taught in high school. If you would like to try DeepTutor please ask Dr. Vasile Rus for an account.

Some features,

  • Easily accessible - its web based application accessible using web browser.
  • Dialogues in Natural language - student interacts with the tutor in Natural language dialogues (i.e. student is allowed to type in the answers to the questions)
  • Physics problems with some pictorial aid.
  • Reading and listening - An agent narrates the problem
  • Immediate feedback from the tutor etc.
  • Please find below some snapshots of Deeptutor

    Fig. 1: Snapshoot of Deeptutor accessed from browser

    Fig. 2: Landscape view of Deeptutor Android App

    Fig. 3: Portrait view of Deeptutor Android App

    Fig. 4: Snapshoot of Deeptutor(Unity version) accessed from browser

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